Saturday, October 6, 2007

Certification of Foreign Products for Indian Market (ISI Mark)


Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), India's National Standards Body, is operating a product certification scheme for foreign manufacturers. In this scheme, a licence can be granted for any product against an Indian Standard specifying product characteristics, which is amenable to certification. The scheme operates on self-certification basis, whereby the manufacturer is permitted to apply the Standard Mark (ISI Mark) on the product after ascertaining its conformity to the Indian Standard
licenced for. Through its surveillance operations, the Bureau maintains a close vigil on the quality of goods certified. Separate application shall be required to be submitted for each product/Indian Standard. The BIS licence is granted to the factory address at which the manufacturing takes place, final product is tested as per relevant Indian Standards and conforming product is applied with BIS Standard Mark.

I provide advisory services to foreign manufacturers in obtaining above certification.

The foreign manufacturer is required to set up a liaison/branch office located in India with the permission of Reserve Bank of India, which shall meet all liabilities with respect to BIS Act, Rules and Regulations for purpose of the BIS licence. The requirement to set up an office in India shall not apply, if BIS enters into an MOU with the respective Foreign Government for implementation of BIS Act, Rules, and Regulations including the punitive provisions, or if the foreign manufacturer nominates an Authorized representative located in India who declares his consent to be responsible for compliance to provisions of BIS Act 1986, Rules and Regulations on behalf of the manufacturer as per terms and conditions of the Agreement signed between BIS and the foreign manufacturer.

I can work as the
Authorized representative located in India for the foreign manufacturer.

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