Saturday, October 6, 2007

Certification (ISI Mark) for Foreifn Products imported by Indian Companies

BIS is operating a product certification Scheme for Indian Importers. In above schemes, a licence can be granted for any product against an Indian Standard specifying product characteristics, which is amenable to certification. The scheme operates on self-certification basis, whereby the importer is permitted to apply the Standard Mark on the product after ascertaining its conformity to the Indian Standard licenced for. Through its surveillance operations the Bureau maintains a close vigil on the quality of goods certified.

An importing unit will be treated as an Indian manufacturer & licence granted and operated in manner similar to other Indian manufacturers. The importing unit should setup a fully equipped laboratory for testing the product for its conformity to Indian Standard.

I can help you in obtaining ISI Mark on products to be imported by your company.

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महामंत्री (तस्लीम ) said...

अच्छे सुझाव हैं, इन लाजवाब सुझावों के लिए बधाई।

Zakir Ali 'Rajneesh' said...

नाइस थाटस।


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